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Work with User Stories

10. Work with Stories (Ten Things about Agile)

Sorry but I have to tell you that the times of extensive requirements documentation and management in the traditional way is over! Finished! To be able to cope with quickly changing situations and be able to be on the market quickly, User Stories are a much better way to plan and execute Software Projects (in […]


9. The product Owner (Ten Things about Agile)

The question comes up quite often. Who will be the Product Owner in our project? And in this ninth article on Agile, I will focus in this question. What are actually the responsibilities of a Product Owner. Roman Pichler has a great overview on his blog of which I have an own little sketch jsut below. […]

Stay close

8. Stay as close as Possible (Ten Things about Agile)

If you are a cyclist, you know what I’m talking about when I say in this 8. article about Agile, stay as close as you can. But here it is not about the aerodynamics that helps you in an agile team but so called information bubbles that flow around. All the people sitting in the […]

Silos are for farmers

7. Silos are for Farmers not Projects (Ten Things about Agile)

Another article in my 10 Things about Agile Series that I initially presented at the Business Analysis Conference in London. You might now the term farmer wisdom (or Bauernweisheit in German). One of my own is that Silos are for Farmers and not for Projects. Very often I see a BA team working with clients […]

2015-03-18 19.06.59

Fishbowl at the PO by Design

Just recently, PoByDesign Meetup organised a come together in the legendary Cabaret Voltaire where Dadaism was founded. It is a perfect place to talk about innovation and new ways of approaching challenging situations. Karin Martin gave a fun Pecha Kutcha on Myth Busters –  Myths of product innovation. Afterwards, Carlton gave us Story Cubes to generate […]

Derek Morrison

Agile Assessment – Derek Morrison

At the Agile Practitioner Meetup, we had the pleasure to listen to Derek Morrison and his stories about Agile Assessment at Tesco and how they marry UX and agile Software Development. The talk will entail assessment, as part of: 1) an agile transformation programme 2) of recruitment processes 3) the professional development of your agile […]

UX Brunch

First UX Brunch in Zurich

What a great start into a day, meeting so many people caring about user friendly stuff. So was the first UX Brunch in Zurich on which you can read from Anna Hanchar and see pictures by Boris Baldinger.


Spring is just around the corner

The good weather and the increasing temperatures really gives you that feeling that spring is just around the corner and summer not far away. But hold back just a bit, I haven’t done all my skiing yet.  


Top 10 Websites for Photographers

My top 5 websites for Photographers grow to top 10 plus one: Digital Photography School – It’s just a great website with tons of articles and a daily newsletter for all aspects of photography. canonrumors.com – Yes, I know, that’s my canon heart pocking. Creativelive.com – Very nice video tutorials which are for free during live […]


Two agile ways to start a Project

There is always that initial phase when a project gets kicked off and you have to get everyone on the bus. At that moment, an agile team needs to learn about goals, intentions, visions. There are two elaborate ways to kick off such a project:   Story Mapping Shows a big picture, slices the whole project into shippable […]

The Parliament in Myst

Winter in London

As a Swiss, it’s always a bit of a hard time, being in London in Winter when you kind of now that all your friends are enjoying themselves on the slopes or apres-ski bars. But there is at times almost a Winter feeling coming up if you stroll along Embankment. See here why:



Nice diagram comparing three popular file formats. JPEG, GIF and PNG. I normally use JPEG to publish my photos (as I’m certainly shoot RAW) and GIF for artwork including transparency. Unfortunate GIF supports only 256 colours, so it’s not what I’m looking for when it comes to my photos but it will do for drawings […]

Christmas Meetup

Christmas Wrap-up at Agile Practitioners

Hi there We had an amazing event just before Christmas at the Agile Practitioners Meetup on which I took lots of videos and cut them in fine digestible portions. We decided on a very cool format, called Anything10 where anything was allowed in therms of topics but it shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes. Martyn […]


Maker – Stories and People behind Products

I just found the Maker website where phantastic products and also the story of the people behind the product is told. So have you ever asked yourself how GoPro became such a great product? Or how does the KitchenAid made it in your home? Ever wanted to ride a hover board? Have a look at […]


Photographers out there: It’s 12 Days of Christmas at DPS

Hey Photographers out there. Christmas time is deal and sales time. But to be honest, most of the deals or sales offers are often only the stuff we don’t really want but somehow feel now almost obliged to buy just because it’s on sale. I never had that feeling when I look at the deals […]

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.31.46

User Story Mapping

Story Mapping has become my favourite initiation tool as a Requirements Engineer and UX Designer. It is a great tool to visualize business processes and user interactions. It was invented by Jeff Patton and he described the concept in 2005 in his article It’s all in how you slice it. The term User Story Mapping […]

"Karl Scotland at the Agile Practitioner Meetup"

Becoming a Learning Organisation the Kanban Way – Karl Scotland

Our group here at the Agile Practitioner became HUGE. The current count of members is at 1079 and we are having more and more the pleasure to host some of the brightest and best speakers in the industry. Karl Scotland is definitely one of it! So it was a pleasure to have him in for […]

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 22.03.47

Design 101 for non-designers

We do regular talks at my company Zuhlke Engineering where I talked about Design 101 for non-designers. You might have asked yourself as well, why does some webpages or products look more appealing than others. What is it that makes the difference? I picked three basic concepts of Design: Colours, Typography and CRAP. My talk is […]


Ikea surfs Apples bug wave

I guess many of you have circled next Tuesday, 9/9/2014 red in their calendar. It will be Apple’s media event where the world expects at least a new iPhone and potentially an iWatch. On this bug wave of excitement and rumours, we can spot a Swedish surfer on his blue-yellow board holding up an amazing new invention. A bookbook! […]

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 22.22.05

Scaling Agile Processes – The Spotify Model

Ernst Kretschmann, a colleague of mine at Zühlke Engineering, gave a talk about Scaling Agile Processes. He introduces the Waterfall Apologists, beautifully describes how Waterfall Processes normally scale (mostly very bad) and then continues to compare it to the way that Spotify is dealing with Agile on Steroids (his second version of presentation title). His base is a […]


Emotional Intelligence – Dene Stuart

At our last Agile Practitioners Meetup, we had the pleasure to welcome Dene Stuart. Dene is a licensed behavioural analyst  and focused his talk on Emotional Intelligence. Feel free to watch the whole talk here:   Description of the Talk Effective decision making has to be free of emotion and based on evidence and educated […]


UX Designer vs. UI Designer

Ana Harris from UX Designer 21 created a nice infographic showing the difference between an UX designer and an UI designer. Although you could say the difference is marginal as there is just one letter to change 😉 But in practice the UX designer’s job is very much a different one than that of a UI designer. For example […]


Old Cotswold

Recently I took my family on a time travel to Cotswold and took a couple of pictures from then. Here for you to see.


Stunning landscape photography

One of the last blog posts on Digital Photography School showed some amazing landscape photography! Here my personal favorites:   Inspired, I went into my archive and looked for pictures I did myself.  


CSS Dinner

Are your CSS skills also a bit rusty? Here a fun game to bring you back on mastering the CSS selectors. CSS Dinner Behind the game is Luke Pacholski who is working as a graphic and web designer in Chicago. Have fun!


Jeff Gothelf – Building successful in-house innovation teams

At the last Agile Practitioner Meetup, we had the pleasure to welcome Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and gifted speaker. I did video and photos and it’s now a pleasure to share the talk: Building successful in-house innovation teams  You’ve read The Innovator’s Dilemma. You’ve bought in to The Lean Startup. You’re ready to […]


6. Information is not knowledge (Ten Things about Agile)

I was giving a talk at the Business Analyst Conference on Ten Things about Agile. You can still watch the talk on Youtube if you like. One particular important point I wanted to make is that information is not knowledge. It is based on the concept called “knowledge worker” initially coined by Peter Drucker and brought […]

2014-03-22 13.31.27

UX Camp London – You’re a Designer, I’m an Agile Practitioner, let’s talk!

I was enjoying great discussions at the UX Camp London organised by Event Handler. This BarCamp was for people interested in Interaction Design and Usability. Inspired by the spirit of the UX folks  and some controversial debate on Agile, I decided to give a talk myself in the afternoon. Because of my roots as a Software Engineer who […]


Integrate UXD practitioners in your Agile team – Sophie Freiermuth

At the Agile Practitioner Meetup, we had the pleasure to host a fabulous speaker, passionate user experience designer and coach Sophie Freiermuth, better known as @wickedgeekie. As fun as her talk was, as fun is it to follow her on Twitter. Integrate UX and Design practitioners smoothly in your Agile team, with Sophie Freiermuth As the […]


The Zombie Persona Apocalypse – Michael Rawling

This time, our Agile Practitioner Meetup was staged to UX topics which was kicked off by Michael Rwaling talking about The Zombie Persona Apocalypse. How to recognise the Zombie Persona Apocalypse Are User Personas haunting you? Did your team create some personas at the start of your project but then never use them? Are they […]


Colors – Freeride meets Street Art

As a skier and with interest in design and art, this video is a splendid combination of both.  A couple of guys, supported by the Swiss Outdoor brand Mammut made snow colorful. Pictures and video look astonishing!


People are awesome!

What an amazing compilation of crazy people doing what they love most. Most of them are supported by companies like RedBull, GoPro or NITRO, so you can imagine that they are pretty good at what they are doing. It’s a pleasure to watch it.

Roman Pichler

Meetup: Making Agile Product Roadmaps Work With Roman Pichler

We Agile Practitioners had the pleasure to have Roman Pichler, a leading Agile and Lean product management expert with us at our last meetup on the 9th of January 20124. A product roadmap is a high-level plan that shows how a product is likely to grow over time. This creates a continuity of purpose, aligns […]


Great company to work for

Last September, we from Zuhlke hold our first Software Engineering Conference in Frankfurt. An impressive amount of experts in Big Data, TDD, Agile Practices, Scala and other disciplines of Software Engineering came together to share their knowledge over two days. Very inspiring was a keynote hold by Jeff Norris, a leading NASA scientist in robotics […]


Overcome Final Cut Pro X Error -50 when sharing videos

I’m very happy with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, particularly due to it’s easy editing of multi camera footage. Next to the main camera, I often use an external microphone connected to my iPhone. FCPX merges camera and external sound comfortably together. On top, I also use my iPad to shoot a couple of sequences […]

Chris (by Rob)

Studio Lighting with LPG

Yesterday, we did a session on studio lighting in the Waterside studio with Alex and Agy of London Photographic. While our booked model canceled on short notice, we stepped in ourselves and had lots of fun!  

Emily Webber

Meetup: Using Agile and Lean at Portfolio Level

Emily Webber from Government Digital Service (GDS) was guest at our Agile Practitioners Meetup and showed us her experience in using agile and lean at portfolio level. She looked at how GDS took learnings from managing projects and programmes using agile and lean techniques and translated them to the portfolio framework across an organisation of 300 […]


Meetup: Are we failing our customers or ourselves?

Another great speech given at one of our Agile Practitioners Meetup came from Ed Scotcher, Director of Agility in Mind. He showed us how “Yoghurt can be inspiring and economy affecting” as to quote Sean Moir.  


Meetup: Evolution from Scrum to Kanban

At our last meetup, we had the pleasure to welcome Sami Honkonen who was talking about an evolution from three Scrum teams to a large, single team Kanban system. He started off with a short introduction to Kanban by explaining the six core practices. Sami is a great presenter as he then continued to show […]

happiness door

The Happiness Door

Would you like to collect feedback at the end of a course, workshop or conference but haven’t go the time for a long lasting exercise? Try Jurgen Appelo’s happiness door!   How does it work? You ask people for immediate feedback after a presentation, a course or a workshop. For that you have placed at […]

Christian Kanban

3. Kanban (Ten Things about Agile)

At my talk at the Business Analyst Conference in London, the third point on my Ten Things about Agile was Kanban. Kanban has its roots in lean manufacturing introduced by Toyota and was brought to software development by David J. Anderson. Kanban is a visual process management system and helps organisations to improve their existing processes. […]


5. Adapt (Ten Things about Agile)

Let’s talk about number five on my talk at the  Business Analyst Conference called Ten Things about Agile: Adapt!   You might wonder why you can’t just take a process and adapt it like a recipe? Why not taking Scrum, give everyone a role, fallow the events and handle all the artefacts. And that’s it. No? Unfortunate no. There […]

The Big Bang - just worked once

4. Big Bang Just worked Once (Ten Things about Agile)

Million years ago, it all started with a Big Bang … Big Bang worked once! Perfectly! As a result, the universe, our galaxy, solar system and eventually our planet emerged. But it was pure luck! And it probably wouldn’t work a second time. So please don’t try it on software projects! 😉 This was my […]

use a reflector

I have to use my reflector now

Yes it’s true. I bought myself onee of this 5 in 1 reflectors many years ago and it is safely hidden in a cupboard. How much sense makes that! Oded Wagenstein just blogged about Amazing Portraits he did with a Reflector. The picture above would look even more astonishing if there would not be all […]


Get yourself ready for Halloween (re-blog)

If you don’t like Halloween because of the all the sweets you have to poke out of your children’s teeth you can at least get pretty cool pictures during this time. Have a look at Darren Rowse’s last blog post on Halloween Photography Tips.   The featured image is also from his fab Digital Photography […]


Create your own e-books

Are you a passionate free-time author and want to create e-books for your friends? Do you write little manuals on something interesting and want to make it available not just as PDFs? Well there are tools to do that. There is Apples iBooks Author on your Mac or there are services online for which you have […]

Eliane und Eliane

3 Ways to give smart Impromptu Speeches

Has it also happened to you that you got caught on the wrong food? Have you found yourself sitting in a meeting and someone asks you to give a statement on something you haven’t thought about yet? Or your boss wants to hear your fife year plan and you barely managed to plan the day? What […]


You Suck at PowerPoint re-blog

You might know the big slide sharing service out there called slideshare.net where thousands of slide decks can be found. Not only all this is already a great inspiration for your own work, they even have a great blog on which you could subscribe. Just in their last post about “How to Create a Killer […]

Christian scrum

2. Scrum (Ten Things about Agile)

I was talking at the Business Analyst Conference on Ten Things about Agile. My second point was the agile framework Scrum. Scrum is an agile framework that is often used within software development. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland developed it together and sell it as a “framework for developing and sustaining complex products.” They summarized principles, roles, artefacts […]


The Waterfall Conference

A colleague of mine, Peter Friese, pointed me towards the Waterfall Conference at which well known speakers would present their topic of expertise: Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith FIT Testing In When You Can; Otherwise Skip It by Ward Cunningham Introduction to Dogmatic Programming by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas Working Harder, Not […]


1. The Agile Manifesto (Ten Things about Agile)

I was giving a talk at the Business Analyst Conference on Ten Things about Agile. My first point was the Agile Manifesto. A group of software developers meet in February 2001 to discuss light weight development methods. The outcome of this meeting was the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Most of us are aware of the four values: […]


The Story of Waterfall Processes

In 1970, Winston W. Royce describes a model of a sequential design process. He presents this model as an example of flawed, non-working model in his paper Managing the Development of Large Software Systems. I believe in this concept, but the implementation described above is risky and incites failure. In my experience, the [..] method has never […]


Hotel Heliotopos, Santorini

Some creative cutting over the weekend generated this short movie of the fabulous Hotel Heliotopos in Santorini, Greece. We had a fantastic time there with the lovely staff. And as you might see in the video, many people get engaged, married (or pregnant 😉 there as Lila and her team are pros in organizing your […]


From skin display to Lego calendar

The guys at Vitamins here in London seem to be quite creative people! They designed/invented a skin display which allows you to read messages from your smartphone on your skin. You just have to press your finger on the back of your phone which has a couple of punch needles and you can see a […]


Free iMovie course from Izzy Video

Before I moved to Final Cut Pro X, I did all my editing in iMovie. It’s so easy to use, has great themes to pep up your work and comes for free with your Mac anyway. I’m very happy with FCPX right now as it allows me to easily sync video and sound from different […]


Meetup: Introduction to Kanban

We at the Agile Practitioner Meetup had the pleasure to welcome Dan Brown (aka Kanban Dan) for a talk about Kanban. A little poll the last time showed that many of our colleagues would like to have a brief introduction into Kanban first and then pick one or the other enhanced topic later. Introduction to […]


The Time Traveller Activity

  I very much liked Jess‘ and Catherines talk on the Business Analysis Conference.  Their topic was “Leading Change from Within” where they showed how to establish more collaboration within their BA team, learn together and establish special interest groups. To establish this changes, they visualized their ideas in form of a tube map. I still […]


My Business Model on Photography

At the BA Conference last week here in London, Alex Hendriks talked us through the Business Model Canvas. It is a template to generate new or documenting existing business models. The canvas was initially created by Alex Osterwalder and is available at businessmodelgeneration.com. The easiest way to learn such a new technique is to do it by […]


10 Things about Agile

Last week, around 370 business analysts came together at the Business Analysis Conference Europe here in London. We heard keynotes about Leadership of past England Cricket Captain Andrew Strauss, learned visually about Innovation from Max McKeown and heard about the third wave in Business Analysis by the Debbie Paul. I was also prepared to give […]

THe famous church roofs of Oia


We had some wonderful days in Santorini, the Greek island for honeymooners. So our major goal was to enjoy the Greek culture with wine, delicious food and a beautiful view including an astonishing sunset every evening. But of course my camera could be left at home and so a couple of pictures resulted from this […]


Prudential RideLondon

Inspired by the Olympic Games 2012, the Major of London decided to develop an annual world class cycling festival “Prudential RideLondon” with its highlight a 100 mile race, starting at the Olympic Park, trough London passing its world famous landmarks to Box Hill, back again and finishing at The Mall just in front of Buckingham […]


Prudential Ride Show

This is a video I made with my new Panasonic HC-X800 at the Prudential Ride Show in London.

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