10 Things about Agile

Last week, around 370 business analysts came together at the Business Analysis Conference Europe here in London. We heard keynotes about Leadership of past England Cricket Captain Andrew Strauss, learned visually about Innovation from Max McKeown and heard about the third wave in Business Analysis by the Debbie Paul.

I was also prepared to give a talk on Ten Things About Agile.

But during the conference I quickly discovered that there is a certain denial to agile and some see it even as a thread as every conversation is dominated by agile here and agile there.

So I was prepared to pure some more oil into the fire as my talk was scheduled by Wednesday morning in the big Ballroom straight after Andrew Strauss’s keynote. But you can be sure that a Swiss has always another arrow in his quiver. In my case it was more of a Swiss flag.

Have a look by yourself on my talk:


My topics were:

1. The agile Manifesto –  Use it as a checklist for your own projects

2. Scrum – A nice framework for development centric projects

3. Kanban – Visualises your current process and its bottlenecks

4. Big Bang – doesn’t work for executing a project!

5. Adapt – Even agile processes can’t be used as a recipe.

6. Information is not knowledge – The most important aspect to understand close collaboration

7. Silos are for farmers – better be on the same passture

8. Stay Close – The theory about bubbles.

9. Product Owner – Who can do the job?

10. User Stories – be very productive but also formal if required.


I will go into more details on every topic over the next couple of weeks as I got a lot of feedback and questions from many of the attendees. What do you think? What is your experience? Feel free to comment!