A Glimpse of London

Moritz Oberholzer lives in London as I do. And he has a beautiful style in producing movies. Here are my favorites.

London Bus Tour

Moritz sits in a bus and catches the street life of London. On one side I find it authentic because a couple of places and signs are very familiar, but on the other side you often see only a single person or even two. But as I know London, it is mostly crowded by hundreds of people and that’s the way I love London. You will never feel lonely, there are always a couple (or even hundreds) of others that are using the tube, walking on the street or even visiting a park. But it does not reduces my nice feelings while watching this video.

A sad story

This is probably the dark side of every big city. It is sad that such things happen as well in London. Moritz is playing with all cliche of London and the UK. Bad weather, grayish city, red telephone cells, playgrounds and so on. Some are true some are not – especially the weather!

And one more thing!

Sorry it’s german, but it is as well a movie using all the cliches that a region could have. This time it is a small Swiss town with a proper town street and its gang. They drive there mopeds, they drink there beers and grap there girls. It is quaintly – probably too much, but that’s the nice thing! Well done Moritz!

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