Becoming a Learning Organisation the Kanban Way – Karl Scotland

Our group here at the Agile Practitioner became HUGE. The current count of members is at 1079 and we are having more and more the pleasure to host some of the brightest and best speakers in the industry.

Karl Scotland is definitely one of it! So it was a pleasure to have him in for a talk about the Kanban Thinking Canvas. It is a helpful tool to solve problems with Kanban-based techniques:

Kanban Thinking is a model which represents an approach to solving problems using kanban-based techniques. One of its goals is to avoid being prescriptive, while still capturing the essence of much of what has been learned over recent years. The core components that enable this are heuristics that guide the design of kanban systems by understanding the nature if the system, describing desirable impacts, and identifying possible interventions. The heuristics can be explore by working through the Kanban Canvas.


In a world of Big Bang Disruption, the need for learning organisations is greater than ever. Businesses need to develop people so they are able to continuously solve new problems, rather than focusing on implementing solutions to previous problems.

This session will explore how heuristics can be used to enable this problem solving capability. Karl will introduce the Kanban Canvas, with a set questions which can be used to encourage creative thinking from multiple perspectives, from understanding the problems, to imagining the desired impacts and then designing potential interventions.

About Karl

Karl Scotland helps businesses become Learning Organisations. Over the last 15 years he has been an advocate of Lean and Agile approaches to achieve this, working with companies including the BBC, Yahoo!, EMC Consulting and Rally Software. He’s a pioneer of using Kanban Systems for software development, a founding member of both the Lean Systems Society and Limited WIP Society, as well as being active in the community and a regular conference speaker. As a result he was awarded the honorary Brickell Key Community Contribution Award at the 2013 Lean Kanban North America conference.

Here the video I made:

And here the picture I took:

Many thanks to Karl!

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