Create your own e-books

Are you a passionate free-time author and want to create e-books for your friends? Do you write little manuals on something interesting and want to make it available not just as PDFs? Well there are tools to do that. There is Apples iBooks Author on your Mac or there are services online for which you have to pay for.

Now Hol Art Books is bringing a Beta version of an online service called The Peoples Book which will be easy to use and totally free. You can add pictures, text, chapters on as many pages as you wish and then create an epub e-book that you can share with friends and family. They can read it on their computer, tablet, smartphone or e-reader.

The project started on Kickstarter and is now ready for a beta test. You can sign up and soon will get an account for some first peaking around.


I’ll post my first experiences as soon as I get an account. So please Hol Art Books, respond on my request … 😉

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