Emotional Intelligence – Dene Stuart

At our last Agile Practitioners Meetup, we had the pleasure to welcome Dene Stuart. Dene is a licensed behavioural analyst  and focused his talk on Emotional Intelligence.

Feel free to watch the whole talk here:


Description of the Talk

Effective decision making has to be free of emotion and based on evidence and educated judgement; however…

The way a decision is implemented and the likelihood of its success is totally dependent on the emotional state of those involved in implementing the decision; from the people at the top of the organisation to the most junior person.

Through advances in neuroscience and brain scanning techniques we now know that emotion affects everything we do. Solid research is now underpinning the value of emotional intelligence as an essential part of effective decision making and implementation:

• Over 80% of competencies that differentiate top performers from others are in the domain of EI. Harvard Business Review (2003)

• Companies, who have executives with higher levels of emotional intelligence, are more likely to be highly profitable. Dulewicz, Young, Dulewicz. Journal of General Management (2008)

• After training in emotional intelligence, accidents reduced by 50 percent, formal grievances were reduced from 15 per year to 3 per year, and the plant exceeded productivity goals by £180,000. Orme, G Competency & Emotional Intelligence, vol. 10, no.4, Summer 2003, pp 43-48

• American Express tested emotional competence training on Financial Advisors; trained advisors achieved 10% more than the control group who did not receive the training.

• After a Motorola manufacturing facility provided training in Emotional Intelligence, 93% of employees had an increase in productivity. Institute for Health and Human Potential, 10 year study

Emotional Intelligence is not a big corporate buzz phrase. It’s real, it affects us all whatever size of business we are in: from the sole trader upwards.

The good news is you can get better at it, become more effective and achieve better results for yourself personally and for your business, with just a little training.

Many US business schools require applicants to complete an EI questionnaire before they are accepted, Harvard and Yale included.



Some pictures I took during the talk

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