Fishbowl at the PO by Design

Just recently, PoByDesign Meetup organised a come together in the legendary Cabaret Voltaire where Dadaism was founded. It is a perfect place to talk about innovation and new ways of approaching challenging situations.
Karin Martin gave a fun Pecha Kutcha on Myth Busters –  Myths of product innovation. Afterwards, Carlton gave us Story Cubes to generate topics for the fish bowl afterwards.
Here some notes I took during the session:
Myth Busters by Karin Martin (as Pecha Kutcha)
Pippi Langstrumpf said “I am a Thing-Finder, and when you’re a Thing-Finder you don’t have a minute to spare.” (2.18-19)
Myths Karin was talking about:
– Lonely Inventor (Edison brought the light bulb just to the market, others invented it)
– It’s a brilliant idea (most of the time, ideas have to be polished and need to go through lots of iterations)
– We know what users want (we are not the users)
– Creativity will fix it (Mac Gyver)
– Clear road to success (sometimes we need to go back all the way to the initial assumption, aka double learning loop)
Fishbowl topics
Things are bad, how long do you fight for a change?
The question is, how long are you willing to fight for your ideas?
How long is it worth all the trouble?
Sometimes you have to let people suffer and let them go through the grief before they see a need to change themselves.
Is there a magic button?
Sometimes it is trust that opens you doors and make you be able to change things.
Ask for the reasons and benefits that the current situation has and why is it worth suffering?
How to introduce new approaches (e.g. design thinking) into big companies?
– Talk about your new ideas with colleagues. Try to find alliances.
– Blog about it on internal platforms
– Piggy bag it onto your new project
– Just do it and ask for forgiveness later
Friction between Customer, Scrum Team, Management in fixed price projects
Try to make it clear from the beginning that you want an agile contract. Possible ways are here:
How to make sure that users will love your product?
Generate value, introduce new stuff that really gives the users something new and solves a problem they have.
Some fallow up weblinks and books
Story Cubes can be ordered at
Fearless Journey, available at


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