From skin display to Lego calendar

The guys at Vitamins here in London seem to be quite creative people!

They designed/invented a skin display which allows you to read messages from your smartphone on your skin. You just have to press your finger on the back of your phone which has a couple of punch needles and you can see a short summary on your finger. No worry, the needles are blunt and your are not ending up tattooed with all the messages coming along.

screenOnFinger screenOnFinger2


Now there newes clue is a Lego calendar, a wall mounted time planner which can be synchronized with an online, digital calendar just by taking a photo of it and sending it to the right e-mail address. Isn’t that great!

lego-calendar lego-calendar2

Even the Wired Magazine picked it up and published a story on it. Have a look by yourself: Lego calendar


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