Getting Things Done in 20×20

I had the opportunity to give a talk about my way of using “Getting Things Done”, the popular idea of David Allen. The only two restrictions of giving this talk where to use 20 slides and every slide for just 20 seconds. Sounds easy – but it wasn’t ūüėČ

So lets talk about GTD first and then about 20×20 later.

Getting Things Done

The method proposed by David Allen works quite well for me and I think there are many other sources where you could learn more about GTD. But I wanted to talk about the reasons why GTD is working so well. I was inspired by a paper, a friend of mine recommended to me. It has a look ¬†to the GTD elements from the view of our brain and is¬†definitely¬†worth reading. If you are just interested in the sumary, listen to the first couple of slides of my talk. ūüėČ

The question of what is working for me was the second part of my talk. I really like the ideas of inbox zero and fallow the ideas consequently. And for me it really helps and reduces my stress by facing an overfilled inbox.

Then remember the milk is my second loved tool. It’s easy to use, has a simple interface and is synchronized between mobile app and webclient.

Evernote is also nice but I don’t use it very often. Its ok for storing references to pdf’s pictures and stuff like this, but not for my todos.

I don’t like Twitter or messengers during my work time. It kills my flows and I loose context by the interrupts. I really like it to go trough during a bus ride or a break but I always shut it down during work time.

So as I mention during my talk, it is important to stay in a proper flow and work on a topic to which you have a context. That makes it easy to work and I often loose sense of time. But why I tell you that here, watch my video produced by Daryn and you will here it directly.

20×20 comes in a later post….

My resources:

Getting Things Done by David Allen – Amazon has it in Stock
Pecha Kucha about GTD by Jon Larkowsky (I like his ping-pong break and his sometimes ordinary language)
Inbox Zero – It’s religious but beautiful and really stress reducing

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