Ikea surfs Apples bug wave

I guess many of you have circled next Tuesday, 9/9/2014 red in their calendar. It will be Apple’s media event where the world expects at least a new iPhone and potentially an iWatch. On this bug wave of excitement and rumours, we can spot a Swedish surfer on his blue-yellow board holding up an amazing new invention. A bookbook!

Jörgen Eghammer, by his name Chief Design Güru at IKEA presents us in a Jony Ive manner a new device in this promotion video that is worth watching.

“The device, which is actually the new IKEA catalog, comes fully charged, and the battery is eternal,” Eghammer says. “Tactile touch technology” and “bookmark functionality included” are further features of it.

This very cool and inspiring video reminds me of another parody out of Scandinavia. A Medieval Helpdesk shows how it must have been when the first monks started to used beek – sorry book’s they are called. Have a watch:

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