Meetup: Introduction to Kanban

We at the Agile Practitioner Meetup had the pleasure to welcome Dan Brown (aka Kanban Dan) for a talk about Kanban. A little poll the last time showed that many of our colleagues would like to have a brief introduction into Kanban first and then pick one or the other enhanced topic later.

Introduction to Kanban

So as skilfully as ever, Kanban Dan started with an introduction and gave us a feeling for the important aspects of Kanban. He made clear that Kanban is about system thinking and delivering knowledge work better. He also explained that with this visual management technique, it is much easier to deal with complexity and emergence. The video is worth watching and gives you the background knowledge of why you should consider Kanban as an idea worth learning more about:


Statistical Forecasting

But Dan didn’t stop there. He gave us even enhanced insights into statistical forecasting. And you can quickly tell that he is very passionate about. He made the point that estimates are 60% accurate at best in IT. But there is hope. This hope is based on statistical forecasting which is possible within Kanban. Watch the video and fallow #noestimates on Twitter to learn more about it:


How to learn more?

So of course there are many sources on the internet and Google gives you a lot of sources. Soon there will be a first LeanKanban conference in London with Dan Brown, David Anderson and Jim Benson as speakers.


A warm Welcome by Pearson

As we were hosted by Pearson Education in London. CIO Genevieve Shore gave us a very warm welcome and shortly talked about her mission statement to bring education to children’s all over the world.

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