Overcome Final Cut Pro X Error -50 when sharing videos

I’m very happy with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, particularly due to it’s easy editing of multi camera footage. Next to the main camera, I often use an external microphone connected to my iPhone. FCPX merges camera and external sound comfortably together. On top, I also use my iPad to shoot a couple of sequences which then also merge into the multi camera clips.

All three angles can now be easily cut into a single movie by selecting them as you go along. A very nice tutorial by MacBreak can be found here: Episode 221 – Multi-Cam editing



So far so good…

Unfortunate, as soon as it comes to sharing the results on Youtube or Vimeo, very often a nasty error “QuickTime Error: -50” occurs. To be honest, such a message box is a bit a disappointment in a an Apple product. And it is also a bit of a disappointment as it seems to be around since month. There are long threads in Apples Community forums. But that seems not enough for Apple to either fix the issue or even give some advice in how to work around. It seems as Quicktime found some corrupt files and can’t render them properly. I can’t imagine how that can happen so often.


So after the initial shock, after having edited a movie for hours, I finally found a way that works “mostly” for me:

  1. In the event browser, select one of the original clips and select from the context menu “Reveal in Finder”. This brings you to the files of your current movie project in the Finder.
  2. Delete all files within the folders render files and transcoded media (no worry, your originals are stored in Original Media, so don’t touch them 😉
  3. Close FCPX
  4. Empty Trash
  5. Restart FCPX
  6. Start sharing again

Hope that is the solution that works for ou as well!


Update 1/2/2014: Apple fixed the bug in version 10.1.1.! Great!

14 comments to “Overcome Final Cut Pro X Error -50 when sharing videos”
  1. Omg this was so HUUUUUUGE! Christian…you just made my week. The tip worked, I wish I had read this post 3 days ago, because that was how long I have been trying to share my video…up until now 🙂

  2. So I find the files in the Reveal in Finder. Do I delete from there? Not sure how to find “render file folders”
    Please help!

    Thanks in advance!

    • You don’t have to delete the original files but only the rendered ones. If there isn’t a folder called “render file” then there aren’t any to delete.

  3. No they didn’t fix it. I have 10.1.2 and I get the error constantly, when FCPX doesn’t freeze my entire Mac.

  4. I’m a new fan of FCPX. Bought it July this year. I’ve been in Premiere since 2007 and I mostly love the change in workflow. That error 50 is a consistent thorn in my side. I’ll try this on today’s projects.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This worked for me!! Saved the day 🙂 Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  6. Thank you so much!
    I tried everything. Isolate movie clips, mute clips…
    This worked very well!

  7. That didn’t help at all! :'( I keep getting the -50 error even when I deleted the render files and transcoded media. I can’t get through 6% or 7% when sharing. Please help!

  8. its a corrupted clip. 6% is how far your sharing reached. Thus your corrupted media is at the beginning of your timeline. to find it , you will need to click on the edge of each clip , normally u will see a yellow line. However the corrupted clip will turn to RED. just click and reduce the size the clip or trim in another word. few frames are enough to turn the line back to yellow. This is the issue . Simply. I found 4 clips with red ends. trimmed them and now my shared 2 hours video made successfully…after 6 hours of doing every single trick in the trade with no success

  9. for myself and someone else on another forum, it worked to copy and paste all the clips into a new project. if this doesn’t work for you, you can always try that.

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