Publications and Talks

2014 -09 Design 101 for Non-Designers (BLT Zuhlke Engineering Ltd)

Article   Video

2013 – 10 Things about Agile (BA Conference 2013)

Article   Video


2011 – Getting Things Done (Agile Practitioners Meetup)

A funny Pecha Kucha on GTD

Article   Video


2010 – Unser Weg nach Scrum (mit Fank, Patrick, Christian und Sam)

Brown Bag Talk on our jurney to Scrum (in German)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


2009 – Gemeinsam Stark (mit Frank Beeh)

An article on collaboration between developers and testers (in German)

Gemeinsam Stark Computerworld (17-09)

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