The Happiness Door

Would you like to collect feedback at the end of a course, workshop or conference but haven’t go the time for a long lasting exercise? Try Jurgen Appelo’s happiness door!


How does it work?

You ask people for immediate feedback after a presentation, a course or a workshop. For that you have placed at least three sticky notes on a door or some other object that every one has to pass while leaving the room. The stickies indicate a happiness indicator (below in red). Choose numbers ore smilies, and explain there meaning if required.


Now all participants have the possibility to give feedback by placing little notes on the door (in my example in yellow).

By adding the happiness indicator you will not only get a qualitative feedback (comments) but also a numerical feedback.

Attendees are also allowed to post empty notes. “A rating without comment is still better than not getting feedback”, Juergen Applo explains.

He also explains in his article that it works nicely for big audiences at a conference. But of course, in smaller groups it is also a cool way to get immediate feedback.

Probably once to twice a day during a course is appropriate. More is probably a bit over the top.

Some organizers prefer a more hidden form of feedback but the right in-your-face approach is probably the most honest.


Will you give it a try? Do it! It’s easy and efficient!



Credits: pictures are my own, the happiness door is from Jurgen Appelo.





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