The Time Traveller Activity


I very much liked Jess‘ and Catherines talk on the Business Analysis Conference.  Their topic was “Leading Change from Within” where they showed how to establish more collaboration within their BA team, learn together and establish special interest groups.

To establish this changes, they visualized their ideas in form of a tube map. I still try to get hold of an example. 😉

Another very nice technique I learned was the “Time Traveller Activity”. Catherine wasn’t sure if that is the correct name of it but it sticks quite well.

Time Traveller Activity

So she explained that you first of all set yourself a goal in the future. This is your vision. As an example, Catherine set the target to become football world champion!

From there you then work backwards and think of what is required to go there. So you should probably once be one of the favourites, then before that win the European Championship and even before the British Championship. It all probably comes down to get rid of your current coach quite soon.

If you have reached the “now” again you can look at your goals and start the with achieving the first, get rid of your coach.


We all know that with little steps, a high sophisticated goal is much more likely to be achieved. And we also know that this path to a vision quite often doesn’t fallows a planned path and always needs course changes. But nevertheless, this creativity technique is firstly fun and secondly makes your goal seem to be far more reachable.

I will give it a try in the next business change workshop.


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