The Waterfall Conference


A colleague of mine, Peter Friese, pointed me towards the Waterfall Conference at which well known speakers would present their topic of expertise:

All sequences would run in sequence and participants would only be allowed to attend the sessions on which their job profile fits (e.g. no developers in tester sessions). Also, workshops would be held but communication would not be allowed through speaking but based on documents only. Various research papers would be presented:

  • Going in Circles: The Pitfalls of Iterative Development by Eric Robinson and Jason Wood
  • Lean Waterfalling, the Toyota Way – Using Fagan Inspections to Stop the Line by Kevin Rutherford

Although, the conference was planned for 2006, it never took place. The registration page explains why. Obviously analysis and design are almost done but the designers haven’t entered everything into their UML tool so far. Afterwards it should be trivial to do the coding.


… and it goes on and on like this. 😉


Very, very funny. And if you are an agile practitioner, you should have a look (and some LOL 😉 ). At least in my office, everyone has holding her/his belly from laughing.




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