Two agile ways to start a Project

There is always that initial phase when a project gets kicked off and you have to get everyone on the bus. At that moment, an agile team needs to learn about goals, intentions, visions. There are two elaborate ways to kick off such a project:


Story Mapping

Shows a big picture, slices the whole project into shippable increments and allows an initial planning. A very good description comes from Gary Levitt himself in a blog post called “The new user story backlog is a map“.  Jeff Patton recently published his book on Story Mapping.

Inception Deck

This approach focuses on asking the tough question first. On this approach, Jonathan Rasmusson wrote a book The Agile Samurai plus wrote a blog post “The Agile Inception Deck“. You can even find a blank Inception Deck on the blog to straight away give it a go.



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