Youth Snow Sport Days in Davos

I was back in Switzerland for a couple of days and could enjoy a beautiful event in the mountains of Davos. Kids from the highest city in europe celebrated snowsports easy accessible on the foot of the famous Jakobshorn. They had raced in downhill, slalom, bordercross, skijumping and halfpipe. It was great to see how this kids are able to drive there skis or boards and how near they are already to the grown-ups in the world cup.

My favourite pics a shoot during the competitions are here.

Halfpipe – This kid impressed already a couple of girls while performing his show.

Downhill – Be as compact as possible and glide as fast as you can. This kid is doing it well!

Pose for the camera – He shows his tool, a K2 twin tip ski to te camera. The ski is made for all the tricks in the pipe and for slope style.

Slalom – Amazing how professional this young girl already performs a slalom race (and you would not be surprised if you know that she actually won the race! 😉

Bordercross – fast, attractive an lots of fights for every position.

Do you want to see more pictures? Check out my smugmug page.

Bottom-line: I was participating this event in my youth as well. It was the highlight of every winter season and we where so proud if we could win a competition. The highest hight was clearly to be the so called Jugendskimeister (Youth champion) were you had to win most of the competitions and collect the most points from it. I was that youth champion once, back in 1995 😉

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